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MP Brad Vis tables petition in the Canada House of Commons

March 7, 2022:  FlyAmritsar Initiative, a civil society global initiative for connecting Amritsar airport to destinations around the World, has expressed gratitude to Canadian Member of Parliament Brad Vis (representing Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon in British Columbia) and Shadow Minister for Pacific Economic Development for tabling a petition in the Canadian parliament requesting the Government to proactively advocate for direct flights between Vancouver/Toronto to Amritsar in India.

In a joint statement, Anantdeep Singh Dhillon (Canada), Convener North America and Sameep Singh Gumtala (USA) Global Convener of the FlyAmritsar Initiative, informed that the petition was submitted to the Parliament of Canada by Mohit Dhanju (Surrey, BC), a Spokesperson of the FlyAmritar Initiative campaign in Canada and sponsored by MP Brad Vis received an overwhelming response with 14160 online signatures and thousands signing the paper petition within a short span of 30 days (Jan 12-Feb 11, 2022). MP Vis posted a statement along with the video speaking in the Parliament on his social media.

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Speaking in the floor of Canadian Parliament during the routine proceedings, MP Vis said, “Canada and Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon are home to a vibrant community of more than 1 million Punjabi Canadians. Each year, many travel to the Punjab region to visit family, friends, and religious landmarks like the Golden Temple. But right now, they must fly into Delhi and make the long journey by train, bus or other means. Canadians are asking for direct flight service from Vancouver or Toronto to Amritsar, Punjab, which will cut travel times drastically,”

MP Vis further added, “This is good for our economy, and it makes good economic sense. I am please, today, Mr. Speaker, to table Petition e-3771, signed by more than 14000 Canadians, calling on the Government of Canada to work with airlines and India’s High Commission to initiate this direct flight service as soon as possible. Mr. Speaker, we can get this done, and petitioners from across Canada, look forward, in good faith, to the Government’s response.”

File Photo: FlyAmritsar Initiative delegation in meeting with MP Brad Vis at his constituency office

FlyAmritsar Initiative calls for a joint effort for this cause and request the Canadian parliamentarians to take up this flights issue as a bi-partisan collective campaign to make this air link possible. We have been constantly writing letters, giving presentation to various airlines including Air Canada, government authorities in Canada & India, as well as apprising the MP’s regarding this important demand of the community for the last many years, said Dhillon.

In a statement from Amritsar, Manmohan Singh Brar, Patron of Amritsar Vikas Manch, also lobbying for direct flights for many years, welcomed the tabling of petition in the floor of Canada House of Commons and hailed his efforts for taking up the issue of long pending demand of direct flights. It is time now for MPs of Punjabi origin to come forward and work proactively on this effort, said Brar.

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