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With over 15 non-stop scheduled routes between India & UK in March 2023, about 264,237 passengers travelled non-stop between the two countries during the month.

In terms of non-stop traffic, Delhi remained at the top spot, with about 110,549 passengers, followed by Mumbai with 83,842 and Hyderabad at 15,073.

Among all the 5 major metro cities of India, Amritsar continued to remain at the 4th spot with 12,035 passengers, followed by Bengaluru & Chennai at 5th and 6th spot respectively with 11,875 and 11,701 passengers.

The non-stop traffic data for all markets in February 2023 is as follow:

1. Delhi
Traffic: 110,549
Change: +2.53% Month-on-Month (MoM)
Routes: London Heathrow (LHR) & Birmingham (BHX)
Airlines: Air India, Vistara, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic

2. Mumbai
Traffic: 83,842
Change: -5.58% MoM
Routes: LHR
Airlines: Air India, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada

3. Hyderabad

Traffic: 15,073
Change: -7.87% MoM
Routes: LHR
Airlines: British Airways

4. Amritsar
Traffic: 12,035
Change: +3.92% MoM
Routes: LHR, BHX & London Gatwick (LGW)

Average Passenger Load Factor (PLF):

ATQ-LHR: 86.99%
ATQ-BHX: 89.77%
ATQ-LGW: 90.07%
Overall: 88.94%

Airlines: Air India

5. Bengaluru
Traffic: 11,875
Change: +6.89% MoM
Routes: LHR
Airlines: British Airways

6. Chennai
Traffic: 11,701
Change: +7.47% MoM
Routes: LHR
Airlines: British Airways

7. Ahmedabad
Traffic: 7,259
Change: -6.55% MoM
Routes: LHR & LGW
Average PLF: 85.92%
Airlines: Air India

8. Goa
Traffic: 6,063
Change: +4.17% MoM
Routes: LHR & LGW
Average PLF: 87.71%
Airlines: Air India

9. Cochin
Traffic: 5,840
Change: +1.21% MoM
Routes: LHR & LGW
Average PLF: 84.94%
Airlines: Air India

As compared to February 2023, the non-stop traffic between India and UK declined by over 0.66% in March 2023. The Hyderabad-London route witnessed the highest traffic decline at 7.87% MoM, followed by Ahmedabad-London at 6.55% and Mumbai-London at 5.58%. All the other markets experienced traffic growth.

Air India continues to enjoy full-monopoly on non-stop routes to UK from the secondary markets of Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Goa and Cochin, with strong load factors. The Amritsar-UK routes saw the highest average passenger load factor at 88.94%, This was followed by Goa at 87.71%, Ahmedabad at 85.92% and Cochin at 84.94%.

It would be keen to see how the non-stop Air India routes to London from these secondary markets performed in April 2023, especially as the airline shifted its operations to London Gatwick from Heathrow for these cities.

The market of Amritsar accounted for about 4.55% of the total non-stop traffic between India and UK. As Air India continues to expand its network and fleet, the airline may focus upon expanding its presence in this market with additional frequencies, especially on the prime Amritsar-Birmingham route in the future.

(Data Source: UK CAA)

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