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By: Sameep Singh Gumtala & Yogesh Kamra

February 7, 2020: SpiceJet is starting a direct flight between Ahmedabad (AMD) & Amritsar (ATQ) from 10-February-2020. It will operate on 6 days of week except on Sunday during this period and bookings are open to sale in its website.

Booking of this flight is available on the website of SpiceJet till 28 March 2020.  In airline industry, summer season begins from March 29 and the booking is not yet available in the summer schedule.

Spice Jet flight number SG-2931 will depart from Ahmedabad Airport at 5.55 am and arrive at Sri Guru Ramdas Ji International Airport at 8.05 am.  The same aircraft will then fly back at 8.25 am with flight number SG-2932 and arrive at Ahmedabad airport at 10:35 am.

There is a substantial Punjabi population in Ahmedabad and many from Sindhi community in Gujarat also visit Harmandir Sahib. The launch of this flight will also benefit the textile, industrial and diamond traders from Amritsar who trade with Ahmedabad and Surat.  After the start of this flight, businessmen from both the cities including Surat do not have to go to Delhi airport.

Having a direct flight will save them time and money. Travelling via Delhi these days is not comfortable as terminal building, security checks etc. at Delhi are getting saturated with long serpentine queues. It takes at times more than 2 hours to pass these checks to get to gate at Delhi Airport.

And situation gets worse even on domestic connecting flights via Delhi. Elderly and kids have to walk long distance from aircraft till transit security check, wait in long queues for re-security and then again walk long distance to next flight gate. With airlines now spread across three terminals at times passengers even have to change terminals which creates more confusion and chaos.

Due to the runway repair at Jabalpur airport, it seems that Spicejet has shifted it’s Ahmedabad-Jabalpur flight as Ahmedabad-Amritsar. Hopefully, the airline will continue to operate this flight after March 28, 2020 benefiting travelers from the region.



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