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All of a sudden, many international flights from the Airport by govt. run Air India and private run Jet Airways either cancelled their flights or diverted the same via Delhi to benefit the newly constructed private airport at Delhi. Air India also announced a policy that all its international flights will depart only from Delhi and Mumbai Airports and passengers from all over India will be connected via these two airports using hub and spoke policy. Amritsar-London-Toronto flight was one of the busiest routes served by Air India but switching the flights via Delhi, the cargo business of Amritsar Airport was adversely affected. Primarily, the major effect was on the normal passengers who boarded flights from Amritsar because of the connecting flights which took them to Delhi kept them waiting at the Airport for 10-12 hours before boarding the final international flights, which caused great inconvenience for all the passengers and causing great hardship to them. This also resulted in surrendering of the passengers by Indian Carriers to the International Carriers, thus adding to the recurring loss of Indian Airlines of Rs.7200 crores.