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The integrated terminal building with an investment of more than Rs.150 crores equipped with modern facilities like inline x-ray, baggage inspection, conveyor system, flight information display system, Common Use Terminal Equipment and CCTV was inaugurated. The new terminal building is a blend of modern and Indian designs, constructed in glass and steel with Indian style arches and colors. The airport registered a passenger growth of 64.6% during April-December 2009 which made it the fastest growing airport in India. Qatar Airways also started its flights at Amritsar Airport using airbus A320/A321 with a capacity of 179 passengers as four times a week and after four months it switched to daily flight due to very good response. It connects passengers to its 140 destinations in the world from Doha. Data released by AAI every quarter shows that this flight is operating with 90 to 100% passenger load. During peak season, many times the flight is overbooked that proves the potential of having direct international flights from Amritsar and not via Delhi.