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Total monthly traffic reaches an all time high of 2.19 lakh, beats previous month highest total of 2.12 lakh

 By: Sameep Singh Gumtala


Shri Guru Ram Das Jee (SGRDJ) International Airport, Amritsar has beaten all the other international airports in the country in Dec 2017 with highest domestic passenger growth of 83.5% and aircraft movement increase of 103.5% in comparison to the same month in 2016. Footfall of domestic passengers in Dec 2017 reached 1,62,932 in comparison to 88,790 during the corresponding month in 2016. This number is also higher than previous month in November 2017 total of 160,150 passengers. Traffic between Amritsar-Delhi and Amritsar-Mumbai top the list with 117,577 and 31,030 passengers.Dec 2017 vs Dec 2106 passengers

Dec 2017 vs Dec 2106 Aircraft Movement

Analysis of recently released data by Airport Authority of India for all the airports in India also revealed that the total monthly footfall of passengers (domestic and international) at the airport reached an all-time high of 2,19,216 surpassing previous month November total of 2,13,615 passengers. International passengers’ footfall also increased by 8.4% to 56,284 in Dec 2017 compared to 51,945 in the Dec 2016.

CityPairDomTraffic Dec 2017Passengers carried by domestic airlines during April-December in financial year of 2017-2018 were 11.9 lakh as against 7.47 lakh during the corresponding period of previous year, thereby registering a growth of 59.3%. Number of international passengers for April-December 2017 has increased to 4.4 lakh as against 3.9 lakh during the corresponding period of previous year, thereby registering a double-digit growth of 13.7 percent. Total passenger footfall in these 9 months crosses 16.4 lakh as compared to 11.4 lakh, an increase of 43.7% compared to the corresponding months of financial year 2016-2017. Dec 2017 Data Table


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