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Petition to the Parliament Of Canada

Direct Flights From Canada to Amritsar – Sign the House of Commons Online Petition Now and Make Your Voice Heard.

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Request to all living in Canada to Support.

A Canadian Member of Parliament from from Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon in British Columbia and Shadow Minister for Pacific Economic Development, MP Brad Vis has sponsored the FlyAmritsar Initiative’s petition in the Parliament for Initiation of Direct Flights To Amritsar. FlyAmritsar Initiative thanks and appreciate the efforts of Hon’ble MP Brad Vis for sponsoring the petition to raise this long pending demand of Punjabi diaspora and requesting the Government to proactively advocate for direct flights from Canada to Amritsar.

Act Now: If you wish to raise the demand for direct flights in the Parliament of Canada, please sign the petition on House of Commons Website.

Clink on the link:

You can also download and print the petition from link given below, get signatures on paper and mail it postal free to the Office of MP Brad Vis.

Click here to download paper edition or on the link:

We need support of all Canadian Punjabi Diaspora. If you wish to travel directly to Amritsar and want to save your money, time and hassle of traveling from Canada to Punjab via Delhi, sign this petition in order to raise your voice in the Parliament and give your maximum support.

Canadian citizens (whether living inside or outside Canada) or residents of Canada, please click on the given link to sign e-petition in just 1-2 minutes. There is no age limit for signing and everyone from young children to seniors can sign. Please fill out separate e-petition forms for all family members. Send this message to at least 50 people.

If not now, then never….

How long will we continue to face the hassle of traveling from Delhi? Please sign & forward.

Please sign, share & support!
Encourage everyone you know in Canada to sign


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