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Now get ready to fly between Amritsar & Pune under 2.5 hours as the country’s largest airline, IndiGo is all set to start nonstop flights between Amritsar & Pune. The flights will begin flying from 1 March, The flight from Amritsar to Pune 6E 6563 will depart from Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport in Amritsar at 11:25 PM and reach Pune at 2:00 AM. On the return journey, the flight 6E 6564 will depart from Pune at 2:35 AM and reach Amritsar at 5:15 AM. Beginning 1 March 2022, this flight will begin flying 3/weekly every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. However, the good news is that from 28 March, 2022 this flight becomes DAILY (7/Weekly frequency).

 Flight No.RouteDepartureArrival
6E 6563AMRITSAR to PUNE11:25 PM2:00 AM
6E 6564PUNE to AMRITSAR2:35 AM5:15 AM

The only direct flight connecting the 2 cities

After the beginning of operations, this will become the only direct flight between Amritsar & Pune, cutting short the travel time between two cities to under 2.5 hours. This is a no brainer that IndiGo will be enjoying a monopoly market on the route

High Demanded Route

Demands for a direct flight connection between Amritsar & Pune has always been on rise from both residents of Pune & Amritsar and it is going to be fulfilled for the very first time. Amritsar is the economic, cultural & tourism hub of Punjab, while people from all parts of the country & world visit Amritsar for pilgrimage. On the other hand, Pune is the 2nd largest city of Maharashtra, and one of the largest IT Hub of the country.

Profile of the Route

A large number of IT Professionals from Punjab based in Pune and the leisure traffic from Pune region (& nearby catchment areas) to Amritsar, Shimla, Manali, Jammu/Katra, Srinagar will inarguably compromise a majority proportion of the route.

3rd Direct Route to Maharashtra from Amritsar

With the resumption, Pune will become 3rd direct route from Amritsar to Maharashtra after Mumbai & Nanded. While, this route has always been demanded from long but the issue of slots at Pune Airport, which is one of the most slot constrained airport in India, always took a backseat in the efforts. Now, this very major and well-deserved demand is going to be fulfilled.

Bookings Opened

The Bookings of this direct flight are already opened on all the major online platforms, including the official website of IndiGo ( You can book this flight yourselves or via travel agents too.



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