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A lot of Punjabis outside Punjab in South of India, particularly residing in the states of Telangana/AP and Tamil Nadu are often seen raising the demand of direct flight connectivity from Hyderabad & Chennai to Amritsar but is it actually that no direct flight exists between Amritsar & Chennai/Hyderabad? Here’s what you need to know:


Chennai, the capital of TN, undoubtedly has a great demand for direct flights to Amritsar. However, for now, there is NO nonstop flight connectivity between the 2 cities. The catch here is that, IndiGo operates a special category of flight between Amritsar & Chennai, to what are actually called as ”thru” flights.

What is a thru flight?

A thru flight (or a through flight) is a direct flight between two points with no change in flight number or aircraft.

How it is different from a regular connecting flight?

In a regular connecting flight, when you reach your origin airport you are offered 2 boarding passes for both of your flights. You are supposed to change your aircraft after reaching a hub, deboard from first aircraft and have to go on through a security process again at the hub airport, find the gate from where your second flight departs and wait for the second flight. A connecting flight often involves long layovers, ranging from anywhere upto 10 hours.

On the contrary, in thru flights, the same flight/aircraft takes you from origin to your destination, you get only 1 boarding pass. The aircraft stops for a short layover which is always not more than 40-45 minutes at a hub airport and this layover this so short that often you are not allowed to leave the aircraft at the hub airport. In these ways, a thru flight in essence is very similar to a nonstop/direct flight than a connecting flight from a passenger point of view. In fact, for operational reasons these thru flights in reality are called ‘direct flights’ (not to be confused with nonstop flights).

What thru flight operates between Amritsar & Chennai?

IndiGo operates a direct daily flight between Amritsar & Chennai with schedule as follows:

Flight No.SectorDepartureArrivalLayover Timing
6E 478Amritsar-Chennai16:10 from Asr21:05 at Chennai19:15-20:05@BLR
6E 797Chennai-Amritsar07:45 from Chn12:30 at Amritsar8:40-9:15@BLR
Direct/Thru flight schedule Amritsar<>Chennai

How to book these direct/thru flights?

You can book these direct flights either from the official website of IndiGo as the airline would show this flight as the first result when you try searching. You can also book the same flight on any third party apps like etc. but you would have to manually verify the flight numbers in doing so as these 3rd party apps, often miss out marking direct/thru flights in their UI.


As of now, there is no nonstop, direct or thru flight operating betwen Amritsar & Hyderabad. However, w.e.f 1st November 2022, IndiGo is starting a thru flight between Amritsar & Hyderabad with a schedule as follows:

Flight No.SectorDepartureArrivalLayover Timing
6E 206Amritsar-Hyderabad21:45 from Asr2:30 at Hyd00:35-1:15-@GOA
6E 6532Hyderabad-Amritsar23:00 from Hyd3:35 at Amritsar00:20-00:50@GOA
Direct/Thru schedule Amritsar<>Hyderabad (w.e.f 1st Nov 2022)

Why should one opt for thru flights over other connecting flights?

There are numerous reasons for opting a thru flight over connecting flight. For the obvious reasons, you don’t have to worry about changing your aircraft, waiting for second flight for hours, spotting the gate from where the connecting flight would depart to say the least. Above this, when you fly from origin to destination on a thru flight, this adds up to the overall airline pairwise data and is considered for potentially starting a nonstop flight between the 2 cities, which is very often the next step after thru flights! So, if you are someone who wants a nonstop flights between Hyderabad and Chennai to Amritsar, maybe you can contribute your bit by opting for these thru flights the next time you flight and increase the chances of a nonstop flight starting on Amritsar-Hyderabad/Chennai routes at the earliest.



*Sanchit Chugh is a young Aviation enthusiast from Amritsar, Punjab. He is currently an undergrad student at BITS Pilani pursuing BTech in Electronics and Communication(ECE) and MS(Hons.) in Economics. He is part of core team at FlyAmritsar Initiative and has avid interest in Aviation.

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