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Punjabi diaspora across the UK has got one more reason to celebrate for the fact that Birmingham has now got even more closer to back home in Punjab with Air India doubling the frequency of nonstop flights between Amritsar & Birmingham from currently 1/weekly to 2/weekly flights.

As per the Air India booking channels, the additional frequency AI 117 Amritsar-Birmingham will fly on every Monday and AI 118 Birmingham-Amritsar will fly on every Sunday w.e.f 1 October,2022. This is in addition to the current AI 117/AI 118 on Amritsar-Birmingham-Amritsar route which flies on every friday both sides. The move is expected to bring a sigh of relief among the Punjabi diaspora, which had became victim of soaring airfares on this route due to very high demand admist limited capacity, often making the flight out of bookings due to the aircraft being fully booked. This move is also expected to bring down the average airfares on the sector. In a previous article, we had explained on why Air India should consider increasing frequency of Amritsar-Birmingham flight, but will just one addition per week would suffice the high demand of the sector remains to be seen.



*Sanchit Chugh is a young Aviation enthusiast from Amritsar, Punjab. He is currently an undergrad student at BITS Pilani pursuing Bachelor’s of Technology and Masters in Economics. He is part of core team at FlyAmritsar Initiative and has avid interest in Aviation.

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